Friday night lights: Chaminade


Brian Grassi

The captains walk onto the center of the field, locking arms, to determine the coin toss.

The football team will be visiting Chaminade Friday September 27, in hope to win their fourth game of the year. The team looks to beat Chaminade for the first time in four years.

“Everyone is hyped up for the big game on Friday,” Sophomore George Lane said. “We are expecting to bounce back”

They have a chance to accomplish their first four-plus win season since 2013-2014. The coaches are pushing the players hard this week after last week’s loss.

We are having a really good practice this week,” Sophomore Daryl Ward said, “it’s been one of our most intense practices this week and we are just trying to bounce back from that devastating loss”

The game is at seven o’clock on Friday night at Chaminade. The theme is toga, be there spartans!