Basketball introduces new scoreboards


Nick Plassmeyer

Two new scoreboards were put up in the gym. The board on the far side of the gym is larger and goes more in-depth with game details.

Jacob Young, Social Media Editor

The newest addition to the gym will be put to use against school rival SLUH Jr. Bills Friday night. The athletic office and leadership approved the addition of new, updated scoreboards.

“I like tradition; more old school stuff,” head basketball coach Blake Ahearn said, “but it was time to update the scoreboard.”

The original boards dated back to 1988 . The new scoreboard shows players who is in, their points and how many fouls they have.

“This idea has been thrown out for a while,”  athletic director Kevin Roberts said. “But last year wasn’t the year to make the change, due to Principal Bonat’s second year, and President Quinn’s first year, but since that year passed we were ready to make the big change.”

The scoreboard was installed over the winter break and was first officially used on Wednesday night in the JV basketball game.

“I’m not sure if a scoreboard will be the decision maker but it will help,” Ahearn said. “It’s great for people to see though.”