Luis Mejia


“I like it in the chorus room because I think it’s a cozy room. It’s usually a little bit warm. You’ve got places to sing, you know? There’s always something going on in there, whether it be someone playing the piano or the bongos. It’s just exciting, really. Anything going on. I think no other teacher would allow some of the things that go on in here. Other than Mr. [Ray] Sherrock. It’s what makes the room special. He’s chill. He’s one of the best teachers here. I never really had a teacher where, you know, you can really count on, and talk to if you need to. You know, going from grade school to high school is hard, and having a teacher that tells you that you can do anything, it’s great. And being in advanced chorus and black robe I have gotten to meet him better, you know.”

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