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Grassi’s Ristorante & Deli – 10450 German Blvd, Frontenac

May 10, 2023


Clark Chamberlin

Grassi’s on German Blvd

Sheltered in a small strip off the chaotic Lindbergh Boulevard lies Italian cuisine so delectable that you may risk being transported to its country of origin. Within the walls of a quaint brick building lives food louder than the average Italian argument. In a buffet style, Grassi’s food is prepared before one’s watering taste buds. 

Taking a drug test after eating one of their salads might be a bad idea. Now, I’m sure that there’s nothing in there that doesn’t adhere to and go beyond the food safety qualifications of the FDA guidelines, but at the same time, the salads are so incomprehensibly good that I wouldn’t be too surprised if I found out they put addictive additives in the dressing, nor would that deter me whatsoever from continuing to eat the light, crunchy delectability of the Grassi’s salad.

The best pizza in St. Louis to me changes based on what day of the week it is. Grassi’s usually wins on five out of seven of them. Their delicious disk dish is heavy with deeply satisfying meats, soft, fresh cheese, and simply inslanderable sauce, baked onto a beautifully barely-burnt crunchy cracker crust – Grassi’s is the real “square beyond compare.”

But if you have wrung out your love for an incredible square of pizza, no worries. Grassi’s whips up a sandwich that stands alone in sheer excellence. The roast beef sandwich was sent from above. Try it. 

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