Should high schoolers work jobs?


Henry Anyimadu

Connor Gunn ’23 works as a caddy at St. Louis Country Club as he prepares to give a golf club to his player

High school takes up a lot of time and can put lots of stress on students, making the decision to get a part-time job a very difficult one to make. Just over 1 in 3 high schoolers aged 16-19 work part-time jobs, but with college and careers fast approaching should that number be higher?

High School students should work part-time jobs, or at least summer jobs to prepare them with skills needed in life as an adult and to give them a little extra spending money.

Seven hours of school plus a part-time job may seem like an impossible feat for any teenager but the lessons and skills learned can make it all worth it. Working a part-time job can teach a teenager countless invaluable skills like working with others, perseverance, and accountability. Above all though, the most important skill a part-time job can teach you is how to manage your time wisely between work and school with time for leisure.

Some may argue that sports and other school extracurriculars can teach students the same lessons and skills as a part-time job, while also getting students active. While sports and clubs are great places to get involved, they lack one major thing. Money.

For more obvious reasons, part-time jobs are beneficial for teens because with more freedom and responsibility come more spending opportunities. College is the first time most teenagers are out on their own, and without money to spend they could find themselves missing out on part of the college experience. Even if students still rely on their parents’ money throughout college, they’ll be in for a big surprise once they are cut off.

Many students don’t even have the option to skip out on a part-time job, as they need to do as much as they can to help provide for their families. Students that do have the privilege to choose should heavily consider getting a job that interests them and prepares them for the future.