Positive support is the key to a successful cheering section


Colin Brunts leads the student section dressed in a black out theme ahead of the opening kickoff.

Over the past couple of months, there has been a rising conflict in the De Smet student section. Chirping other players is widely known for being “part of the game” for many spectators, but the goal of the student section is to fire up our team and fans.
The De Smet student section can be just as successful, as in previous years, while cheering without jeering.
Many believe the essence of the student section is lost without being able to chirp other players. Although giving a general reaction to a play and commenting on an error on a play is permitted, it is not okay to continuously jeer players or refs. Cheers are acceptable if they are for our team, or indirectly poking fun at an opposing player(s). For example, cheers like “Clarkson Eyecare” will not be acceptable, because it is a direct attack on the referee. Other chants like “Charmin” are, however, acceptable, because it is indirectly poking fun at a player who has just been fouled.
Although it is difficult to switch the course of our student section, it is still possible to be one of the most successful ones around. Schools like Brophy Prep’s Red Army in Arizona, Burr & Burton Academy in Vermont, and Taylor University in Indiana have all made innovative advances in their student sections. For example, many schools have made the “Parting of the Red Sea” famous, maybe none better than Central Catholic High School in Massachusetts or Stillwater High School in Minnesota.  Taylor University is famous for its “Silent Night,” and Burr and Burton created a list of seven important actions to do as a fan. The list is to show up, cheer for our team, honor the game, appreciate our opponents, support the cause, give the official(s) some love, and make us (the school) proud. It is important to realize that we are representing De Smet, not only on the field but also in the stands.
Some might say that chirping the other team is the best part of the student section, or that it is just part of the game. Some also might say that it gets the team going. But in reality, chirping only gets the other team fired up. Players and teams who get chirped are fueled to play harder and win to shut the other team up. While it might be fun for the student section, it does not help our team, students, faculty, or school image.
Instead, chanting and getting crazy for our team is the proper way to fire everybody up. It is what brings everybody together as a school and as a brotherhood. The student section can determine games, and it is important to remain classy but clever while doing it.
In conclusion, our student section can still be immensely successful without chirping. It is with positive Sports and Spirit traditions that we can truly show what De Smet has to offer.