Back to the Block


Brady Govero '23

Jacob Bosche 23′ celebrates kicking a field goal in the Spartanfest competition during activity period. Spartanfest is one of many activities this year designed to return the school back to pre-pandemic status.

Colby Quinn, Staff Writer

Student Council representatives and StuCo moderator Alex Hall have spent months gathering feedback and curating ideas, finally seeing the light at the end of the COVID tunnel. As a culmination of their hard work, the StuCo will be reimplementing pre-pandemic activities, finally getting the school “back to the block.” 

“We want to reinvigorate and re-energize the school,” Mr. Hall said. “To go “back to the block,” it is going to take a lot of restarting, and a lot of work.”

The school will soon see the return of many traditional events, including: the running of the Spartans, Alumni vs. student Basketball game, and a renewed house system.

“The whole ‘Back to the Block’ idea [came about] because we can do things now that most students have never done before,” Andrew Farrar, said. “It’s going to be really cool. I’m excited.”

To further invigorate student participation, StuCo is planning one grade-level event per quarter. These events may be dances, inner-class competitions, or other special treats. 

“The purpose of the school is clear; to get students out there, trying new things,” Mr. Hall said. “We’re always looking for ways to expand.” 

Students have endured and persisted through dark times, and “Back to the Block” is a signal that we are returning to the world we knew before.

“There’s so much good when we’re able to be us,” Mr. Hall said. “I don’t know if there’s a better school to be at when we are able to do the things that are so unique and characteristically us.”