Old school out, New is in

Why it’s very important for MLB to implicate the universal Designated Hitter


Courtesy of St. Louis Cardinals

Ethan Weishaar (second from right) helps roll up the tarp after a rain delay at Busch Stadium. The sophomore is the youngest member of the Cardinals grounds crew.

Ethan Weishaar and Colby Quinn, Contributing Writers

Major League Baseball will implicate the universal designated hitter(DH), beginning in the 2022 season. The long debates of why the DH should be in both the American League and National League are over. The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Players Union and the MLB has shown a blink of hope to this point.

The Universal DH is good news for offense. With both leagues having the DH, each game attended will be significantly more entertaining. No more pitchers striking out bunting, or two out rallies ruined due to the achilles heel that is the pitcher. Stats prove the the DH equals offense; since 1973, the American League has put up better offensive numbers than its counterpart. Numbers tell us that for the past fifty years, the AL has put up an average of 4.64 runs per game, 8.88 hits, and an OPS(on-base plus slugging) of .746. When compared to the National League’s 4.43 runs a game, 8.66 hits, and .734 OPS, we realize the extent of the offensive effects each DH brings to their AL team.

The DH will give greater chances for position players to succeed in big situations. Having a consistent ninth bat in the lineup gives teams a better chance to score runs; and therefore a better chance to win a ballgame. The DH brings more possibilities, too; established bench players will receive more at-bats and young prospects have the ability to prove themselves earlier than they would without a nine-hitter lineup. This scenario applies to veterans chasing records, while not being punished for being a liability in the field.

A healthy pitching staff, suited for the marathon that is a 162 game baseball season is vital to the success of a team. Injuries can derail a team’s season in the blink of an eye. Injuries impact a team’s payroll, future, and record. Pitchers in the Major League are paid to showcase their ability to pitch, not hit. Hitting can put a pitcher at an advanced risk for season, or even career-derailing injuries.

There is no debate anymore. We are getting the Universal DH.”

There is no debate anymore. We are getting the Universal DH. Finally. Baseball has always been the National Pastime, but the game as we know it is changing. The old-school approach is being shoved out the door to make room for baseball’s more dramatic and entertaining style of play.