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Eliminating college debt

Free college should be seriously considered

May 4, 2021


Thomas Dolan

Free college benefits everyone, especially the ones who struggle financially.

Free college benefits everyone, especially the ones who struggle financially. This tax funded public college education option would be critical to people who want a college degree but don’t have the money for it. This could also give more people opportunities they would never have access to without this like higher qualifying jobs. Although this could help a lot, it would raise taxes on a lot of people so some would be against this.

Free college would be a good thing to have because it would eliminate student loan debt for a number of people. The total amount of student loan debt is almost $1,500,000,000,000 as of 2018.

With all of this loan debt weighing down almost 45,000,000 Americans it is hard for them to fully contribute to the economy well. They have to pay so much of this off a year it is hard for them to buy a car or a house which prevents them from participating in the economy a lot. With free college, students could have more opportunities to reinvest more money directly into their community and the economy helping their local area and the economy in general.

Free college would also provide more opportunities to lower income families. This could get poorer people who are extremely bright but don’t have enough money for college out of the McDonald’s kitchen flipping burgers and into a high paying job. This would be just what that person needs so his kids don’t grow up like he did, having little money. This would allow for him to break his own circle of poverty his kids would’ve been in if it wasn’t for free college. Breaking the circle of poverty is an debilitating part for our society, free college could help that.

People who would oppose this would say that this could raise taxes and then lead to graduation rates dropping heavily. Taxpayers do not want to be paying this much just for the graduation rates to drop significantly. People think they would drop because when you are going to be paying this college debt off for over 20 years, it makes you work harder, go to class more, and overall do better in college because you want to “get your money’s worth”. This is a terrible way to think though. College students should not have to pay off debts for 20 years just for motivation to, “get their money’s worth.”

There are so many other ways to get college kids to work harder that don’t prohibit people from contributing as much as they should to the economy and drowning 20 year-olds in lifelong debt. A healthier inspiration for college students to work harder is with free college, they will realize that the college their attending is providing them with opportunities they wouldn’t of have without it.

This will make it people’s greatest chances to get a high paying and sustainable job. That alone will make them work harder and will be a better inspiration in the long run when they’re not paying debts off for over 20 years.

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