Call of Duty: Cold War game review

A look into the new Call of Duty game



With free to play Battle Royale games being the new norm, we get another $60 Call of Duty title.

Ryan Flavin, Staff Writer

With free to play Battle Royale games being the new norm, we get another $60 Call of Duty title. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold war came out on Nov 13. With Call of Duty, you are never getting just one game mode. This year’s game comes with four separate game modes: Single Player Campaign, Multiplayer, Warzone (Battle Royale ), and Zombies. This is why the $60 price tag on the game is actually reasonable this year.

The Campaign follows a group of top secret government agents who are trying to track down a Soviet agent Precious, who is trying to nuke all of Europe. This campaign has brought back many familiar fan favorite characters such as Woods, Mason, and Hudson. There are many exciting missions in this campaign, one of them being a raid on the KGB headquarters. In this campaign we see a lot more options and ways the game can end. For example, you can choose to either kill or capture someone. Whichever one you choose will affect the outcome of your story differently. Other than this, there aren’t any new groundbreaking things that would separate this from any other Call of Duty Campaign. However it is a fun story and deserves a play through.

The start of this year’s Multiplayer experience was a bit of a rough one. Many players were having trouble getting into matches and staying in them. On top of that, this game is now officially the least amount of content on launch in Call of Duty history. We only got eight maps, so the multiplayer aspect can get boring fast. However, there are a lot of upsides to the multiplayer. Maps such as Checkmate, set in an aircraft hangar, and Moscow, which curves through the grand, rainy streets of the Russian capital. It is tight, with excellent verticality and lots of open chokepoints for those exciting multi-kill encounters. The gameplay in general feels really good, with the graphics definitely improving. The guns sound and feel amazing. They also fixed the mini-map where when you shoot, your red dot will appear on the map. This makes for a much faster pace game which is great. Once they add more free content this multiplayer will be very good and could be the best we have seen in a while.

The new Zombies game mode is back and better than ever. The new maps are easy to understand and bring back that nostalgia roots we got from the first ever zombies in World at War. There are a lot of fun new ‘easter eggs’ to discover. The progression in zombies is the same for everywhere else. This is a cool new feature where you have one base level throughout the whole game. So if you level up a gun in zombies it will count toward multiplayer and warzone.

I would give Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War a 3.5 out of five. It is a very good base game. Once they add more content, the game will feel more complete and be much more fun.