‘Savage Mode II’ album review

An in-depth look of 21 Savage’s new project


Epic Records

Savage Mode II released on Oct. 2, 2020.

Thomas Dolan, Staff Writer

Savage Mode II is rapper 21 Savage and producer Metro Boomin’s 3rd collaboration trap album that was released Oct. 2nd.

This is the sequel to the original album Savage Mode that was released in 2016 which established them as an iconic duo in the trap scene of hip hop.

With 21 Savage and Metro Boomin dropping constant Platinum albums and tracks, this was expected to be another classic.

You can see how these veterans in the trap scene evolve throughout their previous albums and how their much more versatile language adds an increased level of depth which is critical to a strong trap album.

Morgan Freeman opens up the album in the intro and continually narrates it. In the intro he has a strong message. He talks about how if great men come together as one, they enhance each other’s great aspects and strengths which makes them extremely powerful.
A great example of the versatility in this album is the difference between Said N Done and Mr. Right Now.

In Said N Done, 21 Savage talks about how he has been betrayed by women and feels like he has been backstabbed by many people. He goes onto explain how this turned his heart cold and how he is now numb.

Said N Done has more of a mellowed out sound to it unlike Mr. Right Now with Drake.
In Mr. Right Now, 21 Savage still raps about how he is numb to feelings but it is more of a feel-good song. He talks about how he wants one time altercations with women instead of dating them or being exclusive to them for an extended period of time.

In addition to this track having a very feel-good sound, it also has Drake on it. This makes a lot of songs go from good to great.

Drake is an extremely talented artist and with having over 14 years of experience in the rap game and being an iconic duo with the great Lil Wayne, it is no surprise Drake takes this song to the next level.

Overall I wouldn’t say this is their best project but you can definitely see how Metro Boomin and 21 Savage grew together as veterans in the trap scene with their Collaborative Projects Savage Mode, NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES, Without Warning, and finally Savage Mode II.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Best Songs: Mr. Right Now, Rich N**** S***
Worst Songs: R.I.P. Love, Steppin on N*****