Why seniors should vote

Seniors should begin forming a political opinion


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Seniors should take the time to consider voting.

Michael Dolan, Staff Writer

With the upcoming official election results being counted, voting young is as important as ever. The youth are known to consistently not show up to the polls when the time comes around, it has been that way for generations.

Many young people do not see how only one vote can change their own, personal lives. We are too busy with things that excite us, politics usually not being one of them. Politics is as grimy, and cutthroat as it ever has been. If the candidates for this year’s race were more respectable and less disrespectful to each other (their age not helping them either) I probably would not be anywhere near as politically active as I am right now.

The reason teenagers are more aware this year is because of the antics and the consistent bickering between the two candidates. Politics, for the most part, is boring and can be seen as a bunch of older people in suits yelling at each other and arguing why their opinion is right and theirs it stupid. Though, teenagers must look past this and make a decision to vote for who they think should run this country.

Many people will say voting doesn’t matter, because the electoral college makes the final decision. Though that may be true to an extent, voting means so much more than that.

Voting is about exercising your constitutional right to its fullest extent. You must realize how hard people fought and how many people died for our country and this very right. Too many people fight, lose limbs, lose family members, close friends, and their own lives for everyone to not vote. Not only for the presidential election either, for all the political elections.

Some people say that voting is an “old person thing.” That only old people vote since politics is so boring and there is nothing interesting.

This could not be further from the truth. You should not want an elderly person deciding the fate of this country and your inevitable future. You cannot complain about the state of the nation if you are not even going to try and vote.

You must realize how great it is to be able to have this as a right. The act of voting is not hard to do either. It doesn’t matter who you are voting for, just go vote!