Movie review: Ford v Ferrari

New racing film generates good reviews


20th Century Fox

Ford v Ferrari released to theaters on Nov 15, 2019.

Drew Hollman, Staff Writer

“Ford v Ferrari” is a thriller movie that dove back into racing history. The movie is directed by James Mangold and is based on the story of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

“Ford v Ferrari” starts in 1963 when Lee Iacocca presents to Henry Ford II the idea to join the racing industry and the idea to buy out Ferrari to boost their sales. Ford Motor Company proposes the idea to Enzo Ferrari, but the deal falls out. Fiat offers Ferrari a better deal that allows Enzo Ferrari to still have ownership of Ferrari and their racing industry, and he agrees. A very furious Ford II sets to beat Ferrari at Le Mans and starts their racing industry, and Iacocca recruits Carroll Shelby, who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959, to build a car and find a top-notch driver to race it. Shelby hired a declining mechanic Ken Miles to race the new GT40.

All of the actors did an outstanding job in this production. Christian Bale, who plays Ken Miles, does a great job as being a father figure to his son and while still being aggressive to pursue his dreams of racing. He has a bad temper and shows that well when getting frustrated with the decisions he has to make during the film. Tracey Letts, who plays Henry Ford II, plays his character exactly as I would imagine him to be: an angry and powerful boss who can be influenced easily. Matt Damon, who plays Carroll Shelby, is my favorite character in the movie. He is very determined to get Miles the win and to make the new line of racing cars the best they can be. He is very down to earth and takes everyone’s opinions into consideration.

Personally, I really like the storyline. The reason and the way that Ford started their racing industry was an inspiring and astonishing story and piece of history that is well known with all the new racing cars today. It was a fun movie with a lot of drama that kept the viewer engaged and leaning forward in their seats.

People of all ages will enjoy this movie. My grandpa and my brother went to see it after I told them about it, and they loved it. I would recommend it to everyone, but especially people who are into cars and racing. Even for people that aren’t into cars, it is a movie that is worth going to see. “Ford V Ferrari” is rated PG-13.

Overall Movie Rating: 9/10