Allen Zhang

September 12, 2019


Michael Dolan

Allen Zhang stands in the theatre for a photo.

If I were to go to your hometown with you, where would you take me?
A: A lot of places, first of all the great wall, it’s one of the seven wonders of the world, the summer palace it is the ancient emperor’s place they used it to avoid from the summer heat in China to escape the heat, the forbidden city it is the house of the ancient emperors, there are tons of man made and natural beauties there are three in Beijing, if you want some Hot-Pots and traditional Chinese food you should go to “Sichuan.”
Q: What is the biggest difference education wise between China and America?
A: The schedule here is very different in China we have long school days from 7:30 AM to 7 PM. Students who live at the school have to take a sub study in the evening for two or three hours, so they don’t get out ‘till 10 o’clock. I like America’s better they give you a lot more freedom to do things we like to do.
Q: What is your favorite subject to study in school?
A: I like to say its english the main reason is because of the teacher is very nice, Mr. Dressler. I love his way of teaching, it is very different from what it is in China.
Q: What are your favorite hobbies to do outside of school?
A: I have always like to play ping pong and now i am a beginner in basketball. I like the competition and the experience of the audience, they cheer for you after you make the three pointer, it’s very entertaining.
Q: What is the biggest difference between America and China overall?
A: In China we eat more hot foods, here you drink water with ice but in China we drink warm water a lot more. The people here are multicultural there are a lot of blacks and whites mixing. Almost everyone in China is ‘yellow’, so we don’t have a lot of blacks and whites.
Q: What are your aspirations for the next ten years?
A: I think I will work back in China after I have my college in America, I would like to have my career in business.
Q: What did you hope to gain from being an International student?
A: Improve my English skills and also to get used to the culture here before I go off to University here or in Toronto. And it’s fun to make some new foreign friends.

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