Top songs of 2017


Colin Donovan

With 2017 coming to a close, the top songs will continue into 2018.

Adam Jenkins, Staff Writer

2017 was full of great new songs to be enjoyed by the people who love music, here are a few of the songs that were some of the best.
Perfect by Ed Sheeran, this is a very popular pop song that has to do with falling in love. It was so popular that it came out November 9th and has already climbed to the number 1 song of 2017. This song already has a new version with Beyonce in it called the “Perfect Duet.” The “Perfect Duet” has already helped Beyonce score her first No. 1 hit in 9 years.
Rockstar by Post Malone featuring 21 Savage is a hip-hop/rap song that is very catchy and popular. The rapper, Post Malone has been seen stage diving while performing this multiple times. Rockstar came out September 15, 2017, and has made it this far into December and is still number 2. Its party vibe also makes it so much popular especially for teenagers.
avana by Camila Cabello, featuring Young Thug is another very catchy song that you will hear on the radio a lot. Havana has 339,718,193 views on youtube and sure more to come, and was released on September 8, 2017. This was released before Rockstar and is still in the top 5, it has a dancing vibe and is a very popular song for teenage girls. This song has also done well internationally it has reached number 1 in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and Mexico.
Gucci Gang by Lil Pump was released on August 31, 2017, and is still in the top 5. This is Lil Pump’s highest charting single to date. This is good because Lil Pump is only 17 years old and is still on the rise but didn’t really receive much fame until about the beginning of 2017 when his music started getting popular. Gucci gang is again another party song that is fun to play when out with friends.
Thunder, by Imagine Dragons, was released April 27, 2017. This is Imagine Dragons fourth top ten hit that they have released throughout their albums. The song is one that the popularity stretches to all people and is something that is very common with most of Imagine Dragons songs that become hits.