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Elf was a comedy about Christmas created in 2003 and starred Will Ferrell. Elf should be considered one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time due to the plot, and the character development throughout the movie. Not to mention the hilarious moments that pop up everywhere in the movie.
Will Ferrell plays an overgrown elf who no longer feels welcome up in the north pole when he wanders into New York City and tries to find his real dad, he finds his dad and he wants nothing to do with Buddy (Will Ferrell) but Buddy never gives up. Through the movie Buddy wonders in on a girl singing, he beats up Santa at the toy store because he was an imposter, and he redecorates the toy store out of his Christmas spirit.
At the end of the movie, not many people believed in Santa anymore so his sleigh wouldn’t fly, until Buddy’s dad helps everyone believe again and the sleigh flies, creating a special moment between Buddy and his dad.
To end the movie in a comedic way Buddy marries the girl who he walked in on, who was in the shower and they move up to the north pole to live with the elves even though they are three times the size of everyone else.

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