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Entering the shark tank

Akeem Shannon '10 pitches his product, Flipstik, on the television show, Shark Tank.
De Smet alum pitches his product to millionaires
November 27, 2020

From losing his college scholarship to being on Shark Tank, Akeem Shannon has hit big with a revolutionary product. After attending De Smet, Akeem lost his scholarship to Howard University to study...

Spartan maestro

Junior Emmett Concannon is a  violinist who has traveled throughout Europe, played in a mariachi band, and played in an orchestra.
Junior selected to Metro 8 District Orchestra
November 27, 2020

A violinist who traveled throughout Europe, played in a mariachi band, and played in an orchestra. Emmett Concannon is someone who has done all of these things and more. “When I made it to 8th chair...

“And we’re live!”

Sophomore Kalle Evjen spends his time outside school live-streaming video games to other gamers around the world.
November 20, 2020

Juggling the stress of spending time with family, friends, or on homework may sound like more than enough for some people in high school. But for this student, adding something else to those three main...

The perfect bowler

Senior Justin Kennedy bowls a strike during a bowling game.
Senior has bowled multiple perfect games
November 16, 2020

His nerves began to build. Ball after ball. Strike after strike. Everyone in the bowling alley stopped to watch. He’d completed this feat before, but something about it caused so many nerves to arise. Senior...

No place like home

Tom Sothers has been a history teacher at De Smet since 1985.
Teacher reflects on tenure dating back to 1985
November 13, 2020

After graduating from SLU and looking for a teaching job, he stumbled upon De Smet Jesuit. Thirty-six years later through fashion trends, technological advancements, and even a pandemic, he is still here....

Through the uprights

Junior kicker Luke Rothermich kicks an extra-point against CBC in the district semifinal football game Nov. 6.
Junior becomes kicker for football team
November 10, 2020

When the game is tight, he knows deep down that his name may be called to seal the win for his team. He gets his mind in the right place, as the job is just as mentally demanding as it is physically. Finally,...

Kicking asphalt

Seniors Michael Dolan and Jack Venneman pose for a photo after sealing their first driveway over the summer.
Seniors earn money through self-started driveway sealing business
November 6, 2020

He was sitting on his porch, hopeless in finding a job for the summer due to COVID. He started asking his dad to help try to spark an idea. His dad suggested that he start his own driveway sealing business...

The sticker pro

Senior Nick Hale works with business teacher Mr. Lange on his sticker business.
Senior starts his own business
November 4, 2020

After a project in Intro. to Business, he knew what he had to do. He saw them everywhere, laptops, water bottles, and even cars. He took advantage of a hungry market. Senior Nick Hale started his own sticker...

Q&A with the President

Interim President Kevin Ruder sits in his office.
Meet the Interim President of De Smet
September 21, 2020

Q: What is your name and title? A: My name is Kevin Ruder and I am the interim president at De Smet Jesuit. Q: What was your job prior to this? A: I have been in branding and marketing for about 22...

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage, but not necessarily Mexican independence.
A brief history lesson to help explain what the 5th of May actually mean for Mexican heritage
May 5, 2020

May 5, 1862 wales of muskets firing and loading, rapiers and cutlasses being unsheathed, and cannons being chambered ring throughout the fort but those sounds start to become overshadowed by screams, screams...

From the classroom to the courtroom

Mock Trial, a club team, encourages students to pursue fields and skills related to law
March 9, 2020

Bouncing to fame

Freshman Slayton Spencer flips on the beach for his four thousand Instagram followers.
Freshmen's trampoline videos on Instagram have gained him a following of thousands
February 27, 2020

Freshman Slayton Spencer has accumulated over four thousand followers on his Instagram trampoline account. “I never thought I could build this big of a following off of just doing tricks on my trampoline,”...

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